Weather Rubber Stamper Set #1 w/12 Stamps: Sun, Rain, Clouds Etc

Center Enterprises Inc

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SKU: CE963

These are a Teacher's Favorite for aid in teaching weather!
 High Quality Rubber Stamps  can match the real weather on a given day or what the students would like the weather to be.  Learn about the changing weather patterns.  Great for use on weather charts!!! each stamp measures approximately 1.5 inches square and is mounted on a sturdy wooden handle/block

Weather Stamp Set #1 includes 12 stamps featuring specific weather conditions like:
      • Partly Cloudy
      • Cloudy
      • Foggy
      • Strong wind
      • Light wind 
      • Stormy
      • Sunny
      • Sunny & cold
      • Rain
      • Sunny & hot
      • Snow
        Great for use with our Ink Pads!!!  Ink Pad not included in this set!!!

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