Weather Patterns Rubber Stamper Set #2 w11 Stamps/ Foggy, Cloudy Etc

Center Enterprises Inc

$ 20.99 
SKU: CE964

These are a Teacher's Favorite for aid in teaching weather!
Rubber stamp the real weather on a given day or what the students would like the weather to be.  Learn about the changing weather patterns.  Great for use on weather charts!!!

Weather Stamp Set #2 includes 11 stamps featuring specific weather conditions like:
      • Partly Cloudy
      • Cloudy
      • Foggy
      • Strong wind
      • Light wind 
      • No wind
      • Sunny
      • No precipiattion
      • Rain
      • Hail
      • Snow
        Great for use with our Jumbo Ink Pads!!!  Ink Pad Not included in this set!!!

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