Translucent Fish Sticks One-Piece Chopsticks Ocean Shapes

Hog Wild LLC

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SKU: BOB99011

Translucent Fish Sticks 
One-Piece Chopsticks 
Assorted Shapes with Bright Ocean Colors!

   Fish sticks are for people who have a hard time using chop sticks. The one piece design makes picking up food a snap and lets everyone -- especially kids -- enjoy chop sticks. No more fumbling fingers. No more embarrassing "I dropped the squid in your latte." So easy, even adults can use them. Dishwasher safe with eight cool ocean-related shapes. Check out the embossed, textured treatment on each Fish Stick. Way cool, tide pool!

Shapes and colors include:

Orange Octopus
Blue Seahorse 
Red Starfish
Green Shark
Blue Dolphin
Red Lobster
Green Whale 
Orange Angelfish

Quantity: 1 Pair of Fish Sticks Chopsticks

The chopsticks you receive will be chosen for you unless otherwise specifically requested. 

For Ages 8 and Up.

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