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Sprout 'n Eat Salad Machine Plant Growing Seeds & Terrarium Kit


$ 25.95 

 Sprout 'n Eat Salad Machine
by DuneCraft
Exclusive To the Internet!
 Guaranteed To Grow!
 Grow your own colorful sprouts, and then gobble them up. Our colorful deluxe sprouting mix contains five kinds of sprouting greens in a platter of colors ranging from red and purple to green. These spectacular sprouts will germinate and grow quickly, yielding their first harvest in less than two weeks from the planting date. This complete kit contains everything needed for several harvests.  

Comes in an easy to ship white box so if you choose to mail it yourself, just put it back in the box and it's ready to ship!

Actual Product Dimensions: 
9.5" x 9.5" x 5"

Complete Kit Includes:
  • Seed Pack 250 mg of: Kohlrabi, Radish, Broccoli, Mustard, Clover
  • Sprouting and Growing Terranium
  • 3 Color Decals
  • Bag Natural Gravel
  • Bag Planting Mixture
  • Set of Instructions

Ages 4 and up.

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