Yellow Space Sand: 1lb of Hydrophobic Sand


$ 10.99 


Yellow Hydrophobic Space Sand - 1 Pound Package
by Dunecraft

Space Sand is truly the closest thing to soil from the planet Mars that most of us will ever experience in our lifetimes. On the Red Planet, the soil is reportedly very similar in terms of properties and color. The chemical composition of the sand allows it to form shapes beneath the water, without getting wet. Remove it from the water, and watch as it miraculously flows through your fingers like sand fresh off the beach.

There are many different applications for Space Sand, ranging from educational to industrial. You can make a sand raft, and observe the silver barrier that forms between the sand and water, watch as it cleans up oil spills or be buried underground to insulate wires from the wet ground.

Space Sand is made right here in the USA.

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