Space Sand- 5 lb BULK Hydrophobic

Space Sand- 5 lb BULK Hydrophobic - Off The Wall Toys and Gifts
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This sand truly is the closest to soil from Mars that most of us will ever experience! We stock all 10 colors of sand (including the 5 neon colors) in bulk and also small amounts. The properties of Space Sand are very similar to the sand that covers the Red Planet. This unbelievable sand will not get wet in water! Unlike sand found on Earth, Space Sand does not absorb any water. Pour your Space Sand - available in 10 exciting colors! - in a clear glass or bowl of water. Space Sand maintains its shape under water, yet can be molded by hand. Remove Space Sand with a teaspoon, and you will immediately notice that the sand is completely dry, as if it never touched the water.

Red                       Neon Pink
Yellow                   Neon Yellow
Blue                       Neon Purple
Green                     Neon Green
Black                     White
This more you buy, the cheaper it is per pound, as low as 5.99 per pound! Sand will be packaged in a plastic bag or plastic container, depending on the amount that you buy.

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