Solid Water Experiment Kit with Growing Alligator

Solid Water Experiment Kit with Growing Alligator - Off The Wall Toys and Gifts
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Solid Water Experiment Kit
By Be Amazing Toys

Alligators help you learn about chemistry in this fun kit. The included alligator grows and grows inside the test tube when you add water.

Enjoy some hands-on learning fun as you measure and keep track of the alligator's growth.

The incredible secret is the science of super absorbent polymers that absorb many times their weight in water. Youll learn more about these incredible molecules as you explore the special Water Gel powder. Just a pinch of powder turns water into a solid gel!

Youll also learn about evaporation as you watch the alligator shrink back to his original size when exposed to air.

Science Principles explored in this activity: chemistry, applied chemistry

Ages 4 and up

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