Safari Walkers Gorilla Palm Pet Mini Collectable Toy

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Can You Imagine

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Safari Walkers Gorilla Palm Pet Mini Collectible Toy
by Can You Imagine

Can you imagine a miniature Gorilla that walks with very realistic motion?  Gorilla Palm Pet is ready to help you create a safari of your own. This desktop toy uses Animal-Motion Technology. This unique collectable slowly walks with steady, smooth movement and is soft to the touch.  The body appears to actually "breathe" while walking. 

  • 1 AAA battery required, included
  • Measures 3x3x2 inches
  • Not for children under age 3 years: small parts choking hazard
Gorillas live in family groups with a dominant male, called the silverback, who rules his family with a firm yet gentle manner. Several females and their offspring complete the family group, who spend their days eating, resting and playing together, following the silverback's lead on where to travel to find food.  When a young male becomes a "teenager" or blackback, tension starts to mount as the younger male starts competing for the females.  In the wild, the younger male is usually driven off, away from his family group.  If females are scarce, a group of young males will form a loosely knit group called a 'bachelor' group, where they will feed and travel together, while waiting for the chance to one day have their own family. 

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