Rock Tumbler Stone Polishing Toy REFILL SET

Elenco Electronics Inc

$ 23.95 

Rock Tumbler Stone Polishing Toy Refill Set
Safe For Kids And Fun To Use!
Exclusive Safety Dome Protects Small Fingers
Make Your Own Treasures and Jewelry!
Your Rocks Will Really Shine!
Contains Refill materials for the Rock Tumbler
With the Rock Tumbler you can discover the secret of the world of rocks and minerals.  What brilliant treasure is hiding inside that small bit of agate?  A stunning tiger's eye or a gleaming quartz gem? The Rock Tumbler uncovers the secrets of ordinary rocks revealing amazing colors and patterns with a glass-like finish!
Tumbling is easy: Just place a few rocks or minerals into the tumbler with some grinding powder (included).  Unlike other tumblers, you select the length of time to tumble; the longer the time, the shinier the rock! The grinding powder duplicates the erosion process that takes thousands of years in nature!  Soon you'll end up with a treasure trove of shiny, polished rocks!
This Refill Set Includes:
Extra Belt
Two 8 oz bags of gemstone rocks
Two Bags of Fine-Grind Powder
Two Bags of Coarse-Grind Powder
Two Bags of Polishing Powder
Two Bags of Final Polsihing
One 18 inch silver tone necklace chain
Four Adjustable rings
Three key chains
Twelve setting holders in two styles
Twelve jump ring connectors
Ages 10 and up.
Extra Rocks and Minerals are availble on other listings on our website. 

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