Rainforest Rock Garden Grow From Seed Indoor Plant

Rainforest Rock Garden Grow From Seed Indoor Plant - Off The Wall Toys and Gifts
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Rain Forest Rock Garden
Grow from Seed Indoor Plant
by DuneCraft

Capture the mystique and beauty of the Rainforest right on your desk or table with the tropical China Doll plant. This fast-growing plant features small, shiny, intricately pattered leaves that create a soft, delicate, distinctive look. Clean and handsome, the foliage has a subtle sub-tropical style that compliments most any other plant. This plant is highly valued indoors as it tolerates dry air very well and is easy to grow.

Complete Kit Includes:

  • Handcrafted Rock Planter
  • Contoured Sprouting Dome
  • Deluxe Planting Mixture
  • Color Pack of China Doll Seeds
  • Moss Ground Cover
  • Instructions and Care Manual
Ages 4 and up.

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