Pump Rocket Science 4M Kit

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Pump Rocket Science 4M Kit


This fun 4M kit will inspire inspire young scientists to explore the science behind rockets! Assemble and launch micro rockets that fly up to 20 feet through the air! Build a rocket racer that speeds across the floor and also make gliders that soar across the sky! Discover the science behind rocket propulsion! This educational science kit is so much fun -- kids will forget they are learning!

Assembly required. Contents: 1 bellows, 1 base, 1 exhaust, 1 pipe, 1 pipe stand, 1 racer body, 1 racer base with front wheels, 1 set of rear wheels, 2 racer body stickers, 1 paper glider, 2 single-finned rockets, 2 3-finned rockets, 2 rocket body stickers, and detailed instructions.

Recommended for ages 8 and up.

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