Project MC2 Adrienne's Perfume DIY Experiment Doll

Project Mc2

$ 39.95 


Project MC2 Adrienne's Perfume

DIY Experiment Doll 


Now you can explore the world of Adrienne Attoms, a star of the popular Netflix series Project Mc2, with this doll and perfume experiment kit! Smart is the new cool with this awesome science activity set that guides you through your first perfume experiment at home! Under adult supervision and using household ingredients (not included) like rose water, vanilla, rose petals or other essential products you enjoy you will be on your way to making the perfect sweet smelling fragrance while having lots of fun! 

 Doll Set Features: 

  • Premium articulated Adrienne doll dressed in her undercover spy outfit that reflects her individual style. Her gloved hands make sure she leaves no fingerprints behind. 
  • Fun science activity; perfume bottle to use again and again! 
  • Accessories for Adrienne: chic sunglasses, spy disguise glasses, purse, and Erlenmeyer flask shaped comb
  • Household ingredients not included. 


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