Prismatic Double Headed Light Show

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Can You Imagine

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Can You Imagine a double-headed light show that will fill a room with Prismatic drama? Can You Imagine the walls, floor and ceiling all reflecting multi-colored animated images of light (and it's all carried in the palm of your hand)? Can You Imagine having 3 different modes to choose from? We did! Presenting Prismatic - this is a light show like no other! Simply carry Prismatic into any room and turn the room into a night club. Because of the double reflective heads, Prismatic will fill the room with a dramatic light show as soon as you walk in. Prismatic has been designed to be held in your hand and has a NON-SLIP RUBBERIZED grip. If you prefer not to hold your , Prismatic, simply place it on top of any surface and watch the action. DANCING WHILE HOLDING PRISMATIC IN YOUR HAND IS AWESOME! Uses 3 'AAA' batteries included.

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