Yellow Premium UV Beads, 250 Count

Yellow Premium UV Beads, 250 Count - Off The Wall Toys and Gifts
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250 Premium Translucent Beads
Change to Bright YELLOW in Presence of UV Light 
  • Beads measure 9mm in diameter.  Holes measure 3mm.
  • Available in Multilpes of 50 (approximate count determined by weight)
These premium UV beads are a fun way to teach physics and make the invisible become visible. These beads are truly Science Fun! Combine science, art and practicality. Our solar UV beads are pale in visible light, such as indoors or if they are shielded by a UV screen such as automobile glass or sunglasses. Our Ultra-violet sensitive beads contain a pigment which changes to YELLOW when exposed to UV light from the Sun or other UV source.

Many of today's space telescopes observe colors of light not in the visible spectrum such as infrared and ultraviolet.

Children can make a simple bracelet from a standard pipe cleaner or strip of rawhide which can function as a UV detector. Use your imagination to think of other things to use them for. Many other experiments are possible as well... test sunglasses for the effectiveness of their UV protection, or even suntan lotion.

Also available in  Blue, Red, Orange, Purple  and an Assortment of colors.  All beads are pale, off-white in the absence of UV light. The ultraviolet beads will cycle back and forth (to bright colors and back again) over 50,000 times! Become an ultraviolet detective with these amazing UV-sensitive beads! It's solar magic in action! Make bracelets, test the effectiveness of sunscreen, or experiment with color while you learn about the power of sunlight. Included is a science activity guide with lots of fun experiments with solar radiation and light.Ultraviolet Beads glow with bright colors when exposed to the sun or other UV light source, but remain off-white when indoors or not in the presence of UV. Students can use UV Beads to design and conduct experiments that test the effectiveness of UV protection: sunglasses, sun-block, and automobile glass for example. Combine science and art to create jewelry and other fun art projects using the beads. String the colorful little UV indicators together to create necklaces or bracelets that double as UV detectors.
Lacing for stringing these premuim UV beads is sold seperately
Not for children under age 3 years: small parts: choking hazard

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