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Prehistoric Fern Micro Terrarium w/Seeds


$ 4.25 


Prehistoric Fern Micro Terrarium w/Seeds

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Now you can grow Asparagus Ferns from seed! Asparagus Ferns are known for their beautiful foliage. In fact, the tall feathery top of this plant is used to make garlands for brides. The vegetable is thought to be a diuretic and also is known to help settle the nervous system. This plant will bloom with white and pink flowers sporadically. They are easy to grow, thrive in low light, and will last for years! They germinate readily from seed and make terrific houseplants!

  • Ages 4 and up
  • Made in USA
  • These Egg Shaped Micro Terrariums measure 3 inches in Height and 2 inches in Diameter at the center.

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