Popular Playthings - Sink Or Swim - 3 D Brainteaser Puzzle

Popular Playthings

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Popular Playthings Sink or Swim Brainteaser Puzzle

Sink or Swim is a fun lesson in density for children in science classrooms. With the Sink Or Swim Brainteaser Puzzle your goal is to slide the boy in the red inner tube to the corner of the pool with steps, On the way to your goal you will maneuver the boy and his tube past obstacles blocking his way.  There are 50 Mind Splashing Challenges with varying degrees of difficulty to keep you on your toes.  Happy Puzzling!  And never fear!
There is a lifeguard on duty in case you get in over your head... This puzzle comes with a booklet of instructions and challenge solutions.

Puzzle contains an 8 inch square swimming pool and 14-3D puzzle pieces.

Ages 8 to adult.

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