Poppin Hopper Frog Dropper; Half Ball Physics Demo; Pack of 10


$ 9.95 
SKU: TSG1162pk10


Decorated to look like dart frogs, these hoppers have a 1 3/4 inch diameter and come in six designs. Flip these flexible Hoppers inside out and place them on a hard surface. Stand back and watch them POP into the air. They bounce to a higher level than it is dropped from, seeming to defy conservation of energy. It shows that energy can be stored in many ways besides potential and kinetic energy. They are made from a rubberized material that allows them to release the power of natural tension after they are turned inside out. This natural tension is the energy that makes it soar, dropping it is the "activation" energy. This is a fun activity for any Physics or Chemistry Class.

Your frog poppin hoppers will be chosen randomly from the assortment of 6 fun filled colors.

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