Pool Dive Coins & Jewels 14 Piece Toy Set by Toysmith - Colors Vary


$ 6.50 
SKU: TSG20060


Pool Dive Coins & Jewels 14 Piece Toy Set - Bath & Swim Play

Colors Vary

By Toysmith

Swim time is almost here! And, Bath time is all the time. Make bath, beach or swim time more fun! These colorful plastic dive toys include six gold coins and eight jewels in a variety of colors. All the gold plastic coins measure approx. 1.75 inches in diameter by approx .25 inch thick. The Colorful jewels vary in color & shape and average 1.25 inches by .25 inches thick. The hard plastic treasure pieces will sink to the bottom and await retrieval. They are packed in a 3 inch tall package that is approx 2.75 inches in diameter, 
Recommended for ages 6 and up



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