Polymer Mystery Science Kit by SentoSphere

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Polymer Mystery Kit

Discover the Magical Powers of Incredible Molecules!

Polymer Science Kit made in France by SentoSphere

Polymers are very large molecules with astonishing powers:t hey can expand, move, solidify and even bounce! Come, unravel the mystery and explore them with this science kit.

The Polymer Mystery Kit Includes:

  • 1 plastic measuring cup

  • 2 container of magic bouncing powder

  • 2 containers of color. Yellow & red

  • 1 container of super-absorbent compound

  • 1 container of artificial snow

  • 1 container of water-beads

  • 1 measuring spoon

  • 1 pipette

  • 3 plastic mixing beakers

  • Complete instructions for creating magical molecules known as polymers!

Important! Only for children aged 8 and over! Adult supervision is required.

The Mission at SentoSphere is to encourage children's innate curiosity and innovative play. All SentoSphere products are designed to let children explore their creativity, their imaginations and their talents.

Recommended for ages 8 and up with adult supervision.

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