Polished Hieroglyphic Stones 1 Pound Mineral Rock

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Polished Hieroglyphic Stones One Pound
Approximately 53 Pieces

     The lines and markings that look like Hieroglyphics in these stones are actually ancient petrified plant life.  The light colored markings are made of jasper. 
    When the ancient plants preserved in this stone died and fell to the ground, they were covered by red clay rich in silica.  Jasper, a silica-rich mineral, replaced the carbon in the plants and turned them to stone.  The hardened red clay that surrounds the petrified plant life is soft and can be scratched with a knife. 
     Petrified wood and plants are found in most parts of the world.

Metaphysically speaking: Hieroglyphic Stone stimulates the gift of prophecy, provides grounding, brings vitality to creativity and is very useful in healing.


Origin:  Asia
Quantity: One Pound of Polished Hieroglyphic Stones
Approximate size of these specimens: .5 to .75 inches


Ages 8 and up

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