Polished Hieroglyphic Stone .75 Inch Rock w Info Card

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Squire Boone Village

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Polished Hieroglyphic Stone, 0.75"
by Squire Boone Village

Also known as Coquina Jasper and Script Stone, these Heiroglyphic Stones are made from petrified plant matter. Hundreds of thousands of ears ago, the soft plant matter was replaced with yellow jasper, which is primarily made up of silicon dioxide, which is known more commonly as quartz. It is more than marble than jasper, in that it is a sedimentary rock and has been transformed under enormous pressure into a harder and more durable rock than it would normally be.

The darker lines are the sedimentary rock that has been transformed, while the tan areas are where the plant matter was replaced by yellow jasper. An information card is included with this stone.

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