Polished Hematite Stones Mineral Rock One Pound

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Squire Boone Village

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Earth Exploration Co.
  Polished Hematite One Pound
Approximately 28 Pieces
Squire Boone Village

Polished Hematite Stones. Ideal to develop  your mineral identification skills.  These polished stones are tumbled until they are shiny and smooth...a great worry stone.  Hematite is an important ore of iron.

Some mystic gemologists know hematite to be a good healing and grounding stone, it strengthens the body and improves resistance to life's stresses.  Hematite inspires inner life and helps to keep inward peace.

Hematite is sometimes used in jewelry, either as black reflective stones or as a jewelry piece itself (such as a ring).

This is One Pound (Approximately 28 pieces) pieces of tumbled Hematite.

The individual stones vary in size and shape.
Ages 8 and up

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