Polished Golden Satin Spar Selenite Lamp w/Orthoceras Base

Squire Boone Village, INC.

$ 99.95 


Golden Satin Spar Selenite Lamp w/Fossil Base
by Squire Boom Village

Cut from a single piece of golden selenite, this cylinder of satin spar features a slanted top that has been nicely polished. The sides have been polished as well, which serves to highlight the streaks of white within the selenite. The entire piece rests upon a polished base of orthoceras fossil. A hole has been bored into the center of the satin spar and its base, with grooves cut into the base to accommodate the cord from a light or you can use a tea light to be placed inside as illumination.

The lamp measures approximately 7.5" high, and has a diameter of roughly 6.1" at the widest point.

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