Poisonous Plants of the World - Laminated Poster 38x26"

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American Educational Products, LLC.

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 Poisonous Plants of the World 

38x26" Laminated Poster

from American Educational Products

Poisonous Plants of the World  science poster -This poster contains 40 plant images with plenty of information: about their scientific name, common name, active parts of the plant;active ingredients; additional information; therapy and toxicity. Copyright 2009. Some of the 40 plants included are: water hemlock, ricin, calabar bean, curare and akee. Size: 26" x 38" Comes laminated.

  • Forty dangerous plants are graphically illustrated on this colorful and informative poster
  • Some of the dangerous botanical species included are Water Hemlock, Ricin, Clalbar Bean and Akee
  • Measures 38 inches wide by 26 inches in height
  • Laminated for durability

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