6" Plasma Ball Light Show


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6" Plasma Ball Light Ball
by Tedco

At 6" in height, the plasma ball is powered by a small Tesla Coil, which was invented by Nikola Tesla. It emits a high frequency and high voltage electromagnetic field, whose energy causes the nearby gasses to glow. The colorful electric arcs that come out from the coil are created as the speeding atoms are heated up, causing them to collide with each other and throw off electrons.

Just place your hand near, or on, the glass of the plasma ball. This gives the harmless, displaced energy an attractive place to stream towards. The result is a beautiful, colorful stream of light cascading primarily towards your hand or fingers, with stray arcs still searching for their own place to go.

In 1894, Nikola Tesla acquired a patent for his Incandescent Electric Light, which was the original design for what is used in today's plasma balls. Tesla invented it as a way of studying high voltage phenomena. The plasma ball as we know and love it today was invented in 1970 by a student at MIT, Bill Parker.

This plasma ball is powered by 4 AA batteries (not included), and can be connected to a standard adapted plug (not included).

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