Planet Earth V-Cube 2 Puzzle, with Pillowed Sides

Orbet International

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A new twist on a classic hand-held puzzle, the V-Cubes feature images printed directly onto the surface of the cube, which drastically increases both their lifespan and durability. They require excellent skills in both problem-solving, and concentration, to solve. The design and construction of the V-Cubes allows for a virtually unlimited number of layers, all while allowing for safe and smooth rotation.

The Planet Earth V-Cube is a 2-layered cube (2x2) that features a pillow design, where the sides are puffed out slightly. The image on the cube, printed with UV printing, depicts a color map of the planet Earth, with the pillowed sides complimenting the design to give it a breathtaking result.Each cube comes complete with an instruction booklet, and has the solution available inside.

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