Pirate Balloon Bags - Balloon Inflatable to 7 Feet Long - Qty. 3

Hog Wild

$ 6.95 
SKU: HOGW10603


Pirate Balloon Bag

Pirate Balloon Bag Inflatable to 7 Feet

Qty 3

by Hog Wild

The Pirate Balloon Bags each inflate to a 7 foot long tubular shape. These colorful pirate graphic balloons come 3 in a package and are non-latex. Tie off one end, blow up until firm (about 5 to 9 puffs), tie off the other end, and children (or anyone!) are ready for fun. Kids will love sailing Balloon Bags for super long distances, bouncing or smacking friends because they don't hurt. Ages 6 and up.

  • Inflates to 7 feet long
  • Qty. 3 to a package
  • Ages 6 and up


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