Pink Pig Splat Ball Novelty Squishy Stress Relief Toys - Pack of 2

Pink Pig Splat Ball Novelty Squishy Stress Relief Toys - Pack of 2 - Off The Wall Toys and Gifts SALE
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Oriental Trading Co

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Pink Pig Novelty Splat Toys Pack of 2
by Oriental Trading Co.
It looks like a 2.5 inch water-filled pink pig until you throw it against the wall, then it turns into a splattered piglet! Each is a cute novelty toy, and fun to demonstrate. These small vinyl toys are non-toxic, filled with filtered water and contain no lead. You can throw 'em, toss 'em, drop 'em, and the toy splats and then comes back to it's original shape! These splat balls are very durable and will provide long lasting fun as long as you adhere to a few simple guidelines. It is very important that you explain these guidelines to your children. 
Splat balls were designed to be indoor toys. If your Splat balls are thrown on concrete or other rough surfaces they will likely break. Splat balls are recommended for indoor use only.  Also, if the Splat balls to return to their original shape before retrieving it will increase it's lifespan. Pulling them too quickly from a surface before it’s been allowed to reshape weakens the plastic and shortens the life of the product. Be careful not to throw Splat ball against anything with an edge, such as corners of appliances, furniture, and molding as they may burst.

When your Splat balls lose their sticking or expanding ability, simply wash with warm soapy water and dry them.
  • Approximately 2 1/2 inches across
  • Ages 5 and up

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