Ping Pong Game Time Clip-On Portable Sports

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Ping Pong Game Time Clip-On Portable Sports

By Geospace Toys


With all the action, movement, and laughs that comes along a game of Ping Pong, kids will love being able to take the game along with them anywhere! This Game Time Ping Pong portable game is easy to set up thanks to two suction cups on both net posts. Attach the net posts to a table and then you and your friends can start having fun playing Ping Pong! Hit the ball back and forth with the paddles and try to score by making your opponent miss the ball or hit it off the table. Carry your Ping Pong gear anywhere with the mesh bag and carabiner. 

Ping Pong net and paddles are not full size.

Includes two paddles, net with suction cups and posts, mesh bag with carabiner, and two ping pong balls.

For kids ages 6 and up.

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