Personal Classroom Laminator for Schools and Offices

Educational Insights

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SKU: EI-8810


Personal Classroom Laminator
by Educational Insights

With this compact laminator, you'll be able to do laminating work at your own convenience and pace, instead of having to wait your turn for one shared by the entire office, or pay to have someone at a print shop doing it for you.

Student work, photos, bulletin board decorators, name tags and many more things are able to be protected by lamination. Create long-lasting, write & wipe classroom materials for your students or workshops, and use them over and over again with dry-erase markers or crayons.

The classroom laminator features both hot and cold lamination settings. It measures approximately 15x4x2.75" and comes with 10 8.5x11", 3 mil thick laminator pouches. Additional pouches are available separately in packs of 100 (EI-8811).

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