Perplexus Warp Puzzle Ball Challenge

Perplexus LLC

$ 29.99 


Perplexus WARP 

Puzzle Ball Challenge Toy For All Ages

From Patch Products & Kid Group


Perplexus Warp™ takes maze play to a whole new level! While Perplexus is usually a transparent sphere, Warp’s shape has been “warped” into an egg-like shape called a spherical octahedron. This new shape is easier to hold and won’t roll off of a table. Also new with Warp is an external slider used to manipulate the marble inside on the track, nine internal cups that act as “baskets” for the marble to leap into, and an internal pivot that gives the illusion the marble is defying gravity. Warp has six flagged check points and 80 challenging events. This challenging toy is easy to play...Hard to Master!

Ages 6 & Up


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