Peacock Ore Specimens Rock Chalcopyrite Acid Treated 1 Pound

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Peacock Ore Rock Chalcopyrite Acid Treated 1 Pound
Approximately 26 Pieces

   Peacock ore is the name that old miners gave this mineral, and it's easy to see why. The iridescent colors of these specimens resemble the colors of peacock feathers.
   Natural peacock ore is called bornite. Its mineral composition is CuFeS4, copper iron sulfide. Bornite is a chief ore of copper, which is one of immense importance in the electrical industry and in the production of alloys such as brass. These specimens are chalcopyrite that has been treated with an acid to make it look like natural bornite, peacock ore.
Some gemologists say that Chalcopyrite can increase your perceptive abilities and assist in pulling ethereal energy to you .

Origin: North America

Quantity: 1  Pound Peacock Ore; Approximately 26 Pieces


Ages 8 and up

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