Peace Orbacle - 2 Inch Aqua Crystal Earth Sphere 37 Languages with Stand

Shasta Vision

$ 75.99 


Peace Orbacle - Aqua Crystal Earth Sphere 37 Languages - 2 Inch with  Stand

50 mm Diameter (approximately) Crystal Glass World Model

Made of Crystal Glass in the USA

Hold the world in your hand with this lovely art glass Earth Orbacle! Geographically accurate natural continents in amazing detail, including rivers, forests, ice-caps and deserts. Made in the USA from pretty, transparent Aqua Crystal that gives the oceans a natural hue. As you gaze into this high quality Crystal Ball you will discover the word "Peace" printed in 37 different world languages. Chosen to Represent As Many People As Possible, and To Graphically Illustrate The Diversity Of Native Scripts In Human Culture - Color of the Print May Vary. The geographic art is hand applied in an extremely delicate process, that is then placed by hand into a kiln that heats to over 1000º; the art then liquifies to the marble which creates this made to last a lifetime art glass marble!  

This amazing little globe comes with a clear crystal glass stand for easy display and arrives at your door in a handsome gift box.    

                                                                                Make every day an Earth Day!  

Your Set Includes:

  • Geographically Accurate, Realistic, Natural Earth Orb, Crafted High Quality Aqua Colored Crystal.
  • Peer through the crystal ball and discover the word "Peace" written in 37 languages.
  • Includes a round, clear crystal glass stand (Perfect for showing off  this beautiful Art Glass Marble).
  • Comes with a Planet Earth Art Educational Card Listing All 37 Languages in a handsome gift box.

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