Patriotic Blue Star Interactive Plasma Ball Light Sculpture

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Quantity:  1 -  Blue Star Interactive Light Sculpture
Interact with the Blue Star!
Plasma technology brings US this glowing tribute to the Blue Star Banner
Since World War I families all over North America have displayed the American Flag.  Representing a service member in active duty, the banner would be exhibited  in or outside the home until their safe return. 
Now this famed symbol can glow brighter than ever with the Patriotic Blue Star interactive light sculpture.  This mesmerizing, symbolic light combines plasma light along with a sculpted metal star that stands proudly for all Americans serving in the US Military and is a touching homage to Old Glory.  Simply touch the glass, and watch as the light travels to your fingertip, symbolically connecting you to that special someone serving his or her country away from home.  With its built-in Pattern Control you can even choose the intensity of the light, from a single soft-glowing star to a thunderstorm of illumination.
The Patriotic Blue Star features a hand-blown glass chamber, crafted metal star sculpture, Pattern Control, On/Off Selector Switch and comes with its own AC Power Adapter.
  • Total Height:  15 1/2 inches
  • Base Height:  7 inches
  • Base Length:  8 inches
  • Base Width:  5 3/4 inches
  • Globe Diameter:  5 inches

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