Particle Puzzle: The Lab Test - Level 3 Extreme Brainteaser

Professor Puzzle

$ 24.95 


The Lab Test - Particle Puzzle Brainteaser
by Recent Toys & Professor Puzzle

Brainteasers and puzzles by themselves are extremely challenge, and fun. When you put them both together, you can even add in frustrating! The Particle Puzzle is exactly that: a combination of brainteaser and puzzle. The goal of the Particle Puzzle is to assemble the "particle". With its wooden rods and blocks, it is up to you to try and figure out how to connect them in a way so that each piece is utilized, and comes together in a rough spherical shape. If you find yourself stuck and failing this lab test, there is a cheat sheet in the box that shows you all the answers. Don't let the teacher catch you using it, though!

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