Panda Cub - Lifelike Rubber Bear - Wildlife Replica 2.5 Inches

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Panda Cub - Lifelike Rubber Bear - Wildlife Replica 2.5 Inches

By Safari Ltd & Wild Safari

Wild Safari created this adorable Panda cub to represent one of Earth's endangered species. Constructed from heavy duty, durable rubber with great attention to detail this model is  realistically colored to match the real thing. Panda Cubs are white when born, but this one has now developed its unique, recognizable coloring, and it’s ready to learn the ways of the wild.

The Wild Safari® Wildlife collection features animal toys from around the world. Children enjoy the lively hand-painted colors, while parents love the learning and creativity these figures encourage. Collectors appreciate the realistic poses created by professional sculptors. When it comes to imaginative play, kids of all ages think these educational animal toys are wild.  

Panda Cub Replica Measures: 2.5" L x 1.25" H (6 x 3 cm)

All Safari Ltd products are lead free and thoroughly safety tested

Recommended ages 3 to Adult

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