Pan for Gold Science Kit - Childrens Gold Prospecting Kit

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Learn How to Pan for Gold!

Fun Gold Prospecting Childrens Science Kit

This hands-on geology science kit teaches kids how to pan for gold just like a real prospector


Ready to strike it rich? This hands-on science kit will teach you how to pan for gold just like a real gold miner! This exciting treasure hunter’s kit includes a 10" gold prospector’s pan, 2 bags of “pay dirt” with pyrite (also known as fool's gold) nuggets inside, mining tools, and much more. You’ll learn all of the secrets to panning for gold in the full-color adventure guide. Plus there’s an activity booklet with 10 fun games, puzzles, and challenges to solve. With this kit you’ll be yelling “Eureka” in no time! Once you learn all of the secrets to gold panning, you can pan for real gold in a stream near you! This pan for gold kit makes a great gift for the rock hound or treasure hunter in your family.


  • 10-inch miner's gold mining pan
  • pyrite nuggets
  • drawstring bag and vial for storage
  • tweezers
  • magnifying glass
  • full-color adventure guide

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