Opt-Art Box Delta Kite w/Fiberglass Frame, 75x31"

Opt-Art Box Delta Kite w/Fiberglass Frame, 75x31" - Off The Wall Toys and Gifts SALE
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Opt-Art Box Delta Kite w/Fiberglass Frame
by Premier Kites

Also referred to as a Delta Conyne, the box delta kites are extremely simple to put together. In flight, they combine the strong lifting power of large delta wings, with the control and stability of a central cellular box. The combination of the two designs helps the pilot to maintain a steady flight, allowing it to perform well in unreliable and fickle winds. In a steady, constant breeze, its flight is very stable.

The Opt-Art Box Delta measures approximately 75x31" (WxL), and is made of Ripstop Nylon and a lightweight fiberglass frame. It includes 300ft of 50lb test line and a hand winder, as well as a carrying bag to keep the kite from getting damaged when not in use.

This kite has a wind rating of 5-18mph.

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