Ninja Star Weapon Shaped Coat Hook

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 Ninja Star Weapon Shaped Coat Hook

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Put put some punch into your place with a Ninja Coat Hook!

The Ninja Coat Hook will transform your hallway into the scene of a Shanghai back street stand-off. Each metal Ninja Coat Hook has one corner cleverly engineered into a screw, which allows you to fix securely to your wall or door, whilst making it look like it has been hurled from the hands of a deadly Ninjitsu assassin.

You will certainly cause a stir with your guests as they go to hang up their coat; as each of our Ninja Coat Hooks has been designed to look like the real thing, right down to the razor sharp looking edges – which are of course nice, smooth, coat friendly hanging points – but you don’t need to inform your guests of this fact.

So stir up fond memories of Big Trouble in Little China and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and add some cutting edge deadly design to your home. Purchase several and create an impressive array for the purpose of keeping clothing off of the floor!

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