Ninja Knife Pen with Sound Effect By Kikkerland

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Ninja Sword Pen with Sound Effect

By Kikkerland


With the help of this unique pen, you can attack your school work with the skills of a ninja. Algebra, geometry, english papers, etc. are just small enemies in your path to becoming a great ninja! This 6 inch durable plastic Ninja Sword Pen is a great gift for teen and fun-loving adults or even real ninjas! To activate the pen, press the button on the side and push the level up. As the pen tip slides out, a "sshhiiinng" sound plays as if the sword is being unsheathed. The same sound is heard when you slide the pen tip back into the sword. Even though this pen does look very similar to a real knife, it is just plastic and is not sharp. However, it would not be a good idea to threaten anyone with it or even take it to school! Ballpoint pen, black ink. Requires 3 LR41 batteries, included. Instructions for use and battery replacement are on the back of the attached card backing.

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