Newtons Cradle Kinetic Energy Physics 4.5 Inches Tall on Colored Base


$ 10.99 
SKU: TSG31884


Newton's Cradle is fun and scientific and a great desk toy! This toy comes with either a black, blue, orange or yellow plastic base. Start a kinetic chain reaction with one ball. Every action has an equal but opposite reaction-right before your very eyes. Pull up one ball, let it swing and watch the ball on the opposite side react. If you do it with two balls, two balls will swing on the other side. It's addicting! Stands 4 1/2 inches high on a black, yellow, orange or blue plastic base. Color will be chosen randomly but if you have a choice, we will try to accomodate, just put a note in comments at checkout. We also carry a deluxe edition Newton's Cradle, so please check out our other listings.

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