Neon Squishy Like Slime 5 Pack by Compound Kings

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$ 12.95 
SKU: WEC110119


   Squeeze it, Pull it, Squish it! Got a fidget-er? Let them do more than just spin something. Give them hours of slippery fun. With its bright neon colors, you'll always be able to find your slime. Neon slime comes right out of the jar ready for stretching, pulling, and squeezing. Contains no borax or glue.

  • Package contains an assortment of 5 Compound Kings Neon Squishy Like Slime Jars.
  • These bright and colorful jars of neon slime weigh 3.7 ounces, individually.
  • Products contains no borax or glue.

Recommended for children 5 years of age and older.

May stick to or stain fabric, wood, carpet and other surfaces.
Adult Supervision

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