NEON KENDAMA Wooden Ball Catch Game - Super Bright Colors Vary


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NEON KENDAMA Wooden Ball Catch Game

Practice Motor Skill Development the Classic, Fun, Japanese Way


Kendama is a classic toss and catch skill game that originated in Japan.  The brightly colored wooden ball is attached to the base with a sturdy string.  The base has 4 ways for you to develop your hand eye coordination skills.  Try to capture the ball in any of four ways!  There is

  • The Spike (Kensaki) on top.
  • The Big Cup (Ozara) on one side.
  • The Small Cup (Kozara) on the other side.
  • And the Base Cup (Chuzara).

Once you have mastered the beginner moves you can check out YouTube for your next challenge. The approximately 2.5 inch diameter Wooden Ball has a hole to accept the Spike (Kensake).  Ball comes in assorted Super Bright Neon Painted colors (Orange, Turquoise Blue or Apple Green).  Your Neon Ball color will be selected from our in stock supply.  Base measures 6.25 inches in length and is made of natural wood without a finish.


Ages 6 and up



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