Neon Gel Crayons Set of 5 Colors By Toysmith


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Neon Gel Crayons Set of 5 Colors

By Toysmith


These Neon Gel Crayons are super neat and kids love them! The gel writer is enclosed in a plastic tube and when the top wears down from use, just twist the knob on the back end of the crayon to replenish your gel writer. They crayons write with ease. No need to press down too hard! Create vibrant, thick marks with just a light stroke. Use these crayons to color, highlight, and create whatever your imagination desires! For ever more fun, turn on a black light over your drawings and the vibrant colors will react to look even more awesome! Comes with 5 different color crayons: green, pink, orange, blue, and yellow. The crayons measures approximately 3 inches long. Ages 3 and up. Black light not included.

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