Natural Gemstone Crystal Quartz Triple Nugget Earrings


$ 9.99 


Natural Crystal Quartz Triple Nugget Dangle Earrings

by GeoCentral GeoJewelry

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These lovely dangle pierced earring are crafted from Crystal Quartz gemstones that have been carefully polished to a beautiful smooth finish. Shiny Crystal Quartz is the stone of Clarity. This stone is said to dispel negativity and enhance positive energy. Enhance Your Positive Energy & Clarity with these fashionable Crystal Quartz triple nugget dangle earrings. Each earring is crafted of 3 polished Crystal Quartz nuggets and hangs approx.1.25 inches from the hook.

As with all naturally occurring gemstones, no two are alike. Each will display different variations in color & pattern making them unique, one of a kind specimens.

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