Native Copper Metal Nuggets - 10 Pieces of Raw Mineral

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Native Copper Nuggets, 10 Pieces
by American Educational Products

With its extremely high thermal and electrical conductivity, copper is used as a conductor for both heat and electricity. It has also been prominently featured in roofs and as decorative arts, primarily because of the green verdigris (patina) that it takes on as it oxidizes. It is typically mined or extracted in the form of copper sulfides, and can be reclaimed through recycling, where it does not suffer any loss of quality, regardless of how it was used. Freshly exposed copper is a reddish-orange color, with a metallic luster which dulls over time, though it is possible to restore it with polish.

It has been used throughout history for a wide array of applications, including but not limited to tools and weapons, electronics, architecture, jewelry and art, and more commonly as copper water pipes and copper wire.

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