Nancy B's Science Club Stir-It-Up Kitchen Chemistry Lab & Activity Journal

Nancy B's

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Nancy B's Stir-It-Up Chemistry Kitchen Lab
by Educational Insights

With the labware in this kit and the experiment journal, you'll be able to perform cool chemistry experiments in the comfort of your own kitchen. All the labware is capable of being washed and reused for new experiments, and enables junior chemists to safely explore some simple scientific principles. The journal is filled with a number of different experiments that make use of some of the most common household ingredients.

Some of the experiments in the 22 page activity journal include how to extinguish a flame with an invisible gas, make your own "lava" in a soda bottle, and making chemicals change color. The labware in the kit includes a beaker, cylinder, test tubes, safety glasses, and a few other useful items like a stirring rod, dropper, funnel and a test tube rack.

All of the labware in the kit is plastic.

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