Nancy B's Science Club Nature Keeper & Flower Press w/22 Page Tree Diary

Nancy B's

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Nancy B's Nature Keeper & Tree Diary
by Educational Insights

Flowers and trees change over time, and despite seeing them daily we often don't pay attention to these changes. With the nature keeper and tree diary, your budding botanist will have no problems doing so. Just have them pick a tree to adopt for an entire year, and at various times pick out leaves or petals to press in the nature press, and then make observational notes in the tree diary. Along the way, be sure that you try and document as best you can what animals are visiting your tree. Some of the activities in the 22 page diary include making leaf art and estimating what the age of your chosen tree is.

Included with the press and diary are a pair of tweezers to help you out, and a leaf-shaped craft punch.

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