Nancy B's Science Club Discovery Lab Pens w/14 Page Activity Journal

Nancy B's

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Nancy B's Discovery Lab Pens w/Field Journal
by Educational Insights

With two multi-tool pens that are perfect for recording your discoveries during your explorations, you'll be able to have even more success in the field than before. Each pen features a built-in magnifier to help you take a closer look at any plants, bugs or other interesting things that you might come across in your little corner of the world. They also feature large storage capsules, one pen is capable of holding liquid and has a thermometer and built-in dropper. The other pens storage capsule has air holes and a built-in ruler for examining living specimens like bugs.

Also included is a 14 page activity journal that will have you doing things like observing the wildlife in your backyard to planting a seed in a sock. There's also ample space for you to record your observations and discoveries.

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