Nancy B's Science Club - Binoculars w Compass & Wildlife Journal

Nancy B's

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Nancy B's Science Club
Binoculars with Compass & Wildlife Activity Journal

A great Beginners Introduction to Observing Nature!   A built in compass and 4X magnification help you to explore plants, birds and animals in your corner of the world!  There is a 22 page journal packed with fun, scientific activities including bird watching exercises. plant and animal observation and tracking, drawing, creative writing, find it challenges, and more!

This pair of Children's Binoculars features
  • Fast accurate center-focusing knob,
  • Built in compass and rubber eyecups for comfort & protection.  
  • Rubber body trim for nonslip grip
  • Attached lanyard (neck strap) for keeping up with the viewer.
Recommended for ages 8 and up

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